OPV 1-fach TK=1,0 0,25V/µs SO8
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  • 1-fach
  • geringe Offset-Spannung max. 60 µV
  • geringe Temperaturdrift max. 1,0 µV/°C
  • geringer Stromverbrauch max. 80 mW
  • Low Cost
  • Eingangspannung bis ± 22 V
  • Betriebsspannung max. ± 22 V
  • Hersteller: LT (Linear Technology)
  • Gehäuse: SO8




The LT®1001 significantly advances the state-of-the-art of precision operational amplifiers. In the design, processing, and testing of the device, particular attention has been paid to the optimization of the entire distribution of several key parameters. Consequently, the specifications of the lowest cost, commercial temperature device, the LT1001C, have been dramatically improved when compared to equivalent grades of competing precision amplifiers.

Essentially, the input offset voltage of all units is less than 50µV (see distribution plot below). This allows the LT1001AM/883 to be specified at 15µV. Input bias and offset currents, common-mode and power supply rejection of the LT1001C offer guaranteed performance which were previously attainable only with expensive, selected grades of other devices. Power dissipation is nearly halved compared to the most popular precision op amps, without adversely affecting noise or speed performance. A beneficial by-product of lower dissipation is decreased warm-up drift. Output drive capability of the LT1001 is also enhanced with voltage gain guaranteed at 10mA of load current. For similar performance in a dual precision op amp, with guaranteed matching specifications, see the LT1002. Shown below is a platinum resistance thermometer application


  • Thermocouple amplifiers
  • Strain gauge amplifiers
  • Low level signal processing
  • High accuracy data acquisition


SO 8

Technische Daten

Linear Technology (jetzt Analog Devices)

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